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Lund Humphries
270*150mm, 208p
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    1. Edward Ardizzone의 삽화집 입니다.
      에드워드 아디존은 영국의 작가이자 일러스트레이터 이며 광범위 하게 여러 작업을 했지만,
      에드워드 아디존이 가장 잘 알려진 것은 아동 도서의 삽화 활동 때 입니다.

      이 책은 20세가 영국 미술, 일러스트레이션, 인쇄 및 출판에서 에드워드 아디존의 아티스트 이며 일러스트레이터로서의 활동에 대한 작업물이 담겨있습니다.


      The first book to provide a fully illustrated survey of the work of Edward Ardizzone,
      considered one of the greatest illustrators of his generation.

      Published to coincide with an exhibition of Ardizzone's illustration work at the House of Illustration,
      London, 23 September 2016 to 15 January 2017.

      Thoroughly researched from the archives of Ardizzone's family and publishers.

      Edward Ardizzone RA (1900-79) was one of relatively few British artists who defined the field of illustration for their generation.

      Although his work as an artist and illustrator was wide-ranging, it is for his illustrated children's books, almost continuously available since they were first published from the late 1930s onwards, that he is best known.

      This book provides the first fully illustrated survey of Ardizzone's work, analysing his activity as an artist and illustrator in the context of 20th-century British art, illustration, printing and publishing.

      Copiously illustrated with many previously unpublished images, Edward Ardizzone: Artist and Illustrator also contributes more broadly to the current reassessment and investigation of mid-20th-century British art and illustration.

      Alan Powers (author of the bestselling Eric Ravilious: Artist and Designer)
      has written a critically considered text which draws for the first time on the family's archives, those of Ardizzone's publishers, and conversations with those who knew the artist.

      This beautiful and enlightening book, which reflects in its design and production values the aesthetic of an artist who was closely involved in the production of his own illustrated books,
      will be a fascinating read both for specialists as well as for readers who have grown up with the unforgettable characters of Ardizzone's classic children's stories.